The Forgotten Letter X

When teaching about letters, parents should sing the alphabet song and also practice writing letters and identifying letters in words.  One of the most challenging letters to teach about is the Letter X.  It tends to be a more difficult letter to teach about and seems to be a forgotten letter in our vocabulary. However the letter X is still part of the alphabet and should be taught.

Here are some fun activities for the letter X.

  • Write an X.  The letter X is a very easy letter to write. Talk about how you start at one side of the paper and draw a line down diagonally to the other side of the paper. Add one more line starting in the other corner of the paper and move up in the opposite direction. During this lesson, you can teach about diagonal lines and how the lines intersect in the middle.
  • Tic tac toe.  Play a game of tic tac toe with your child.  Allow him to be the X shape and you be the O shape.  See who wins the game.
  • Find an X.  Write down words that have the letter X in them.  Use words like xylophone, explain, fox, ox, or x-ray.  Have your child identify the X in the words.
  • Explain an X-ray.  Show your child a picture of an x-ray and explain that she is looking at a picture of bones that are inside our bodies.  Next, show her an x-ray from humans’ and animals’ bodies.  See if you can determine what the x-ray is a photo of.  Explain to your child that the first x-ray was taken in 1895.
  • Random X’s.  Use supplies around your home to make the letter X. Consider using butter knives, q-tips, paint brushes or sticks.  Show your child how when they crisscross, an X letter is formed.
  • Color an X.  Print out pictures of the letter X on your computer or draw a bubble shape letter X.  Allow your child to color or paint the letter X.
  • Stick an X.  Draw a letter X on a sheet of paper and let your child put stickers along the letter.  This will teach him fine motor skills while learning about shape that the letter makes.
  • Eat an X.  Start with a graham crackers and spread an X on the cracker with peanut butter or frosting.
  • X marks the spot. Draw a treasure map for your child to follow and find a treasure. Let her know that X marks the spot where the treasure is at on the map. Have her use their map to find the X hidden around your house or yard. Place a special treat or surprise where the X is located.
  • Sing X-Ray Man-Sung to “Muffin Man”

Do you know the X-RAY man,
the X-RAY man,
the X-RAY man?
Do you know the X-RAY man?
He takes pictures of my bones.

Oh, he loves the letter X,
the letter X,
the letter X,
Oh, he loves the letter X
and likes to X-RAY me.

Have fun learning about the letter X. While it is not the most used constant in our alphabet, it is an important letter for us to learn about.  Make it an eXcellent week!

© Let’s Talk Kids, 2015