It’s A Wacky, Wacky Wednesday!

Dr. Seuss inspired us to celebrate the days of the week. In his book, “Wacky Wednesday,” he specifically focuses on the middle of the week and the numerous funny things that can happen in one day.

Children love to read this book. It is extra fun for them since that have to interact with the pictures in the book by identifying and counting all of the wacky things that are out of place.

We thought it would be fun for you and your family to recreate some of the funny things that happen in the “Wacky Wednesday” storybook. Here are some of the ideas we came up with.

  • Wall shoe. Since the book starts out with the “crazy shoe on the wall,” mimic this. Tape a shoe to the wall or many shoes. Put one or two on the ceiling, if possible.
  • Wacky alphabet. Start by writing the letters A-Z on note cards. Mix them up so they are not in order. Even put some of the letters upside down. Can your child identify which ones are wacky? Ask him why. Then, help him rearrange the letters into the correct alphabet order.


  • Upside down photos. Turn the photos or wall hangings in your house upside down. We found that command adhesive strips work well for this. See if your child notices the wackiness of upside down photos!
  • Backwards nap. During naptime, sleep on the opposite end of your bed. Put your head where your feet should be. Make sure to put your feet on your pillow.
  • Fruit tree. The book shows upside down bananas in a tree. Can you creatively put fruit in a tree by your house? Ask your child to find the fruit. If you don’t have a tree, hide fruit around your home. Take turns finding the fruit. Eat it together as a snack.
  • Mixed-up clock. Put removable labels over the numbers on your clock and mix up the order of the numbers. Put the 12 where the 6 should be and so on. Ask your child if he notices anything different about the clock.
  • Shoe table. Place a shoe on one of your kitchen table legs. This would be similar to what happens at the school in the book.
  • Count the wackiness. Have your child count how many wacky things she can find around the house.
  • Roller skating parent. If possible, put on roller skates or rollerblades in the house. (Make sure to be safe!). Act like everything is perfectly normal.
  • Funny signs. At one point of the book, there is a sign outside that says “Four Sale.” To highlight this idea, put funny signs all around your home. See how many funny signs you can create. Ask your child to count how many funny signs he sees.

When you are finished hosting your real-life Wacky Wednesday, we encourage you to end the day by reading “Wacky Wednesday” by Dr. Seuss.

As your child gets ready for bed, ask him what was his favorite part of the day. Discuss which wacky thing was the funniest and why.

Ask him if Wacky Wednesday was going to happen again, what wacky thing would he like to see? Consider incorporating this into your next Wacky Wednesday day!

© Let’s Talk Kids, 2014