Thank A Teacher Or Two!

Take a moment to think of your favorite teacher.  Did she encourage you to learn by building you up or teaching you a new skill? Did he have interesting, engaging lessons?

We all have a special place in our hearts for the teachers that made a difference in our lives. Some say that teaching is a thankless job, but we disagree. There is nothing better than sharing your knowledge and seeing your students grasp a new idea or lesson.

Parents spend a lot of time and energy requesting good teachers. Each wants their child to learn from the best.

Involved parents also realize that their interactions with teachers support students better. You might think that teachers provide education, but instead, it is a two-way street. Parents also need to reinforce study skills and learning at home.

Staying involved in your child’s academic career will lay a foundation to a positive experience in school.

Here are important tips to follow to build that relationship with the teacher and/ or say thanks for the work that they do:

  • Say thanks with flowers. My sister and I have vivid memories of cutting lilies of the valley from our yard and bringing a vase full of these to school for our teachers. We always felt proud to bring something special to our teachers. We think it made the teacher feel special, too.
  • Think about the support staff. There are many workers at the school that encourage your child throughout the day- this might be the school nurse, the custodian or the lunch staff. Find ways to say thanks to these wonderful people as well. Perhaps have your child write a poem, draw a picture or give a thank you photo to these staff members.
  • Share a card of thanks.  Have your child write a note to say thank you to his teacher(s).  Let him share words from the heart.
  • Send electronic communications. As the parent of a child, tell your child’s teacher he is doing a great job through email.  Sometimes a simple thank you means the world to a teacher!
  • Go out of your way to call the teacher. I still recall getting a call at work about one of my students from her dad. He thanked me for being a positive influence on his daughter and went above and beyond to share about the joy that my class brought to his daughter.  These words of thanks will help keep any teacher going- from preschool to college!

As the school year winds down, we encourage you and your family to say thanks to the important teachers in your life. We also hope you will continue to stay involved in your child’s education career.  It will make a difference!

© Let’s Talk Kids, 2014