Like A Diamond In The Sky

A diamond has four sides and looks a bit like a square but it has different angles. It has two parallel sides. Draw a diamond for your child to see as you explain this fun shape.

Another good way to show your child how to make a diamond is to start with two triangles. Put these together to show your child how the triangles fit together to make a diamond.

Here are some other ideas to teach your child about diamonds:

  • Cut out diamonds of different shapes and sizes. Put these up around your house and go on a diamond hunt. Have your child practice tracing the diamond shapes with her finger.
  • Take a field trip to a baseball field. Can you tell what shape the mound is? What about the bases? What shape do the ball players run around? Practice running around the bases.
  • Sing “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and hold up a diamond when you say “Like a Diamond in the Sky.”
  • Draw three different-sized diamonds on a blackboard or three pieces of paper. Have your child determine which is the smallest and which is the largest.
  • Color diamonds on a piece of paper.
  • Make a diamond name game. Cut out diamond shapes- one for each letter of your child’s name and extra letters for the alphabet. If you are spelling Justin, you will need 32 diamonds – 6 for the letters in J-u-s-t-i-n and 26 more for each letter of the alphabet. Next, write Justin’s name on a big piece of paper. Have him go on a diamond hunt to match the letters in his name. For younger kids, only write the letters in his name on diamonds to hide around the house. Help him arrange the letters to spell his name.
  • Put a bunch of foam shapes in a bowl or dish. Have your child sort out the diamond shapes.
  • Use white labels and cut out diamond shapes. Practice putting these on a sheet of colored paper.
  • Explain that diamonds can also be worn as jewelry. Show your child a photo of diamonds in a book or on the Internet. Ask her if the diamond jewelry looks like the diamond shape.
  • Cut up straws into different-sized pieces. Draw a diamond shapes on paper. Use the different-sized straws to match the edges of the diamond-shapes on your paper. Eat a snack of square crackers. Try to change the squares into diamonds.
  • Make diamond-shaped kites out of construction paper.
  • Fly a kite outside. What shape do you see? Can you get the kite to fly with or without wind?
  • Make a diamond person. Cut out two large diamonds for the head and body. Cut out smaller diamonds for the eyes, ears, and nose. Decorate the rest of the diamond person. Don’t forget to name your diamond friend. Try to think of “D” names since diamond starts with “D.”

Have fun with the diamonds in your life. The more kids are exposed to shapes, the more they will be ready for preschool and kindergarten.

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