Ha, Ha, Happy- The Letter H

The letter H is a fun letter to teach about. It is very helpful letter. It makes the “huh” sound and it helps make diagraphs by connecting the letters in the words she, the and chicken. The letter H can also have a soft sound, as in ghost and hour.

Learn about the letter H.
Learn about the letter H.

This week, start to teach your child about the letter H. Since Halloween is right around the corner, you can discuss how it starts with H. Think of other words that start with H—help, honest, happy, house and hat. It can be difficult for children to understand that the letter H comes in many forms and sounds, so start out slowly. It’s not about learning the fine details, but with consistency children will pick up the different concepts.

Here are some fun ideas to help teach the letter H:

  • Sing songs with your children that include the letter H, such as “If you’re Happy and you know it, clap your Hands” and “the Hokey pokey.”
  • Recite “H” nursery rhymes like Hickory, Dickory, Dock and Humpty Dumpty.
  • Read books that begin with the letter H. We like: Harold and the Purple CrayonHorton Hears a Who!Henry’s H BookThe Little Red HenThe Tortoise and the Hare, and Harry the Dirty Dog.
  • Practice writing the letter H on a chalkboard or white board.
  • Discuss animals that begin with the letter H, such as hippopotamuses, hedgehogs and horses.  Ask or tell your child where the animals live.
  • Talk about items you find in the sky that start with the letter H—helicopters or hot air balloons.
  • Think about the emotion “happy.” Can you draw a smiley face? Discuss what makes you happy. See if you can find ways to be happy and make one another giggle.
  • Place many items in a bag that begin with the letter H. Think of objects like a heart, horse, helicopter, hat, horns, hen, hairbrush, helmut, headband and hog. Allow your children to pick one out. What did they get? Make sure they say the “H” word as they choose the object. Older kids can say a sentence using the H word: “The horse eats hay.”
  • Create an H poster. Cut out a giant letter H and glue on objects that start with the letter. Hang this up in your child’s room and create a wall of all the letters you talk about.
  • Talk about healthy foods. Cut out different types of food, ideally junk food and fruit and veggies.  A grocery ad works great to find the photos. Glue your various foods on note cards. Sort out the healthy food and the non-healthy food.
  • Discuss hygiene and what you do in your morning routines. Why is good hygiene important? What can you do to have good hygiene?
  • Play hide-and-seek.
  • Go to the Star Fall website, click on the alphabet page and choose the letter H.
  • Go outside and hammer in the garage. You can use a real hammer or a plastic child’s hammer. Practice pounding golf tees into Styrofoam.
  • Teach your child the difference from right and left using their hands. Teach this song: Right Hand, Left Hand.

Hopefully this finds you having a happy H day at your house. Happy eary Halloween to everyone who celebrates it!

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