Triangles Everywhere

Even round pool balls can form a triangle.
Even round pool balls can form a triangle.

Teaching children about shapes is both fun and rewarding. Before entering kindergarten, children should know six shapes, one of which is a triangle. The most important thing to teach your child about triangles is that they have three sides. Let your child know that there are many types of triangles — they can have a point upwards or downwards, or have a right-angle corner; and they can have longer and shorter sides. But no matter how they lay, triangles only have three sides.

There are many great books about triangles.  Among our favorites are:

To further fortify the concept of teaching about triangles, try these activities:

  • Invite friends over and make a triangle shape by holding hands.
  • Use three friends and throw or kick a ball in a triangle.
  • Make triangle-shaped eyeglasses out of paper. Start by cutting out a triangle with a triangle-shaped hole in the middle. Then, make bands to hold the triangle glasses onto your ears. How do things around the house look in the glasses?
  • Go on a triangle hunt. What triangles can you see around the house or yard? Which are bigger, which are smaller?
  • Cut several triangles out of different types of paper and fabric. Sort the triangles by shape, size and color.
  • Wear triangle hats (birthday hats) and plan a triangle party.
  • Host a triangle picnic. Cut paper plates in triangles and sit on a blanket folded into a triangle. Eat triangular-shaped foods, such as pizza, cheese, sandwiches, watermelon, pie and tortilla chips with dip.
  • As you play with pinwheels, show your child where you see a triangle.
  • Make a house out of paper cut in the shape of a triangle. How many triangle shapes did you use on your house?
  • Trace triangles on a white board, chalkboard or color sheet.
  • Discuss how a triangle starts with the letter T.
  • Make a large triangle pendant to hang on the wall, like those used for sports teams. Decorate the pendant with your favorite characters, sports team or any other items you like.
  • Find ways to create a triangle with your body. Lie down and have your legs form one side of the triangle, your back another side. Touch your toes to make the third side. What size triangle do you make? Take a photo so you little one can see how he looks like a triangle. Can you use your fingers create a triangle?
  • Make a triangle out of three pretzel sticks. Use cream cheese or peanut butter to hold the triangle together.


Have a fun three-sided day this week!

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