Let’s Talk Kids On KLFD AM 1410

Here is an article written about our radio interview yesterday with Tim Bergstrom.


Local News | June 6, 2012

Litchfield Early Childhood Family Education Coordinator Wendy Walz and her daughters, Cinnamin and Candi, have started a project called Let’s Talk Kids.

Candi and Wendy Walz at the KLFD AM 1410 station.
Candi and Wendy Walz at the KLFD AM 1410 station.

Parents of newborns and toddlers can sign up for a free on-line newsletter.

Candi Walz says the project combines the skills of her mother and sister as parent/educators and her journalism skills to provide parents with tips and fun activities in a weekly newsletter. She says lots of new parents have questions, and since babies don’t arrive with an instruction manual, they will try to help answer some questions.

Walz says studies show that kids who are not nurtured have brains that are 30-percent smaller. She says there is so much evidence of the importance of early childhood education.

Walz says people can learn more, or sign up for the newsletter by logging on to www.letstalkkids.net. She says they have one more week to try to raise $7,000 to fund their project, and if anyone is willing to make a pledge, they can go to www.kickstarter.com and type Let’s Talk Kids in the search box for more information.

Wendy Walz says the more children learn at an early age, the more ready they will be when they start school. She says early education is so important for brain development.

Walz says the Let’s Talk Kids newsletter is a great tool for any parent, but especially if they are not able to participate in early childhood family education programs. She says the newsletter is full of fun, inexpensive activity ideas. Again, check out the website: www.letstalkkids.net.